Southern Counties

Orchid Society



 * Bournemouth Orchid Society

 * British Orchid Council

 * Cheltenham Orchid Society

 * Chiltern Orchid Society

 * The Hardy Orchid Society

 * North of England Orchid Society

 * North Hampshire Orchid Society

 * The Orchid Society of Great Britain

 * Scottish Orchid Society

 * South East Orchid Society

 * Somerset Wiltshire & Dorset Orchid Society

 * South Wales Orchid Society

 * Suffolk Orchid Society

 * Wessex Orchid Society

 * The Royal Horticultural Society

 * There are many UK Orchid Societies who do not have websites. For the most comprehensive list of UK     Orchid Societies, please visit the Societies page of the website

 Internet Groups


 * Orchid-Talk: privately hosted internet discussion group and website, UK based

 * Orchidguide Digest: another privately owned discussion group, Belgium based


 * Burnham Nurseries Nursery and Show House. Mail order a speciality. Secure on line ordering, photos,     culture tips and much more. Tel: 01626 352233 Fax: 01626 362167 email:

 * Laurence Hobbs Orchids, Bailiffs Cottage Nursery, Hophurst Lane, Crawley Down, West Sussex Tel:     01342 715142 Mobile: 07961 350053

 * McBeans Orchids Nursery and Exotic House. Mail order for plants and sundries  or at nursery Tel:    01273 400228

 * Orchid Alchemy Offer a wide range of young plants,ethically raised. Available from their online shop    and various shows. A flasking service is also offered.

 * Orchids by Peter White Mail order available, visitors by appointment only. Wide selection of orchid     plants, plus composts and other sundries. Tel: 01295 712157 Fax: 01295 710668

 * Ratcliffe Orchids Ltd Specialising in mail order. Open certain weekends in the flowering season, other     times by appointment only. Tel: 01962 777372 Fax: 01962 777664


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